Welcome to Crinkies – the company that makes one of the best cookies in the world, well that’s what my friends say!  My name is Ryan, the founder and baker of one of my favourite childhood cookies – the crinkle.  I will be honest, I learned most of my baking skills with the help of social media and have refined my recipes over time to create delicious cookies that will have you coming back for more than you should!

Starting this company has been a journey with both lessons and excitement around every corner.  Like many recent grads I looked at my road ahead and did not see a clear path to paying off my education through regular job opportunities.  Crinkies was born out of wanting more out of life, wanting to be more in control, wanting to do something that made me happy.

At Crinkies, we strive for only the best and our hearts have been filled with the tremendous feedback and reviews from our customers and of course their repeat purchases.

I hope you enjoy my little creations and that they help make your life a little bit sweeter!