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Crinkies Fam

So I received my first order of cookies, 2 hours later I went to try one and my family had finished them all!!! Please send more. 


Wow! I can’t believe how fast I finished a bag. Those are delicious. 


Ryan - I can’t tell you how much positive feedback I received from my employees after they received their cookie jar of Crinkies! You made me look like a superstar. Thank you. 


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Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

You will love our Chocolate Crinkle Cookie! Perfectly soft and chewy, Crinkies have an irresistible brownie center guaranteed to have you, your family and friends coming back for more.  Enjoy the sweet life by always having Crinkies in the cupboard.  Give or take 20 cookies are in every bag.

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Ube Crinkle Cookie

What’s Ube? That’s probably the most frequent question we get.  Ube is a purple yam and it’s flavour adds a delicious twist to our crinkle line-up. What does it taste like?  Best described as a cross between vanilla and pistachio, this Crinkies flavour will definitely delight you and your guests - and the colour is natural!  Give or take 20 cookies are in every bag.

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Red Velvet Mini Cakes

Our red velvet crinkles will make the perfect addition whatever your dessert needs are.  Enrich your senses with our special recipe and cream cheese icing centre.  Serve them as individual cakes for dessert or plate them at a picnic or on your dinner table - either way your will delight everyone with our latest product.  One package contains 6 mini cakes.

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